Texas College Preparatory Courses

What You Need to Know

What is English IV College Prep?

"House Bill 5, passed by the 83rd Legislature, requires local school districts to develop and offer college preparatory courses in English language arts to high school students whose academic performance indicates the student is not yet ready for college-level coursework." Each school district is required to partner with at least one institution of higher education "to provide the college preparatory courses designed for students at the twelfth grade level." The purpose "is to provide high school students an opportunity to gain and demonstrate the necessary college readiness in English language arts to be successful in college-level, credit-bearing courses without the need for remedial developmental coursework" once the student enters into college. "Texas Education Code states that the courses must be designed for students at the 12th grade level whose coursework, college entrance examination scores, and/or Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment scores indicate that student is not ready to perform at entry-level college coursework...The statute also states that the course must be designed for students whose performance on an end-of-course assessment [EOC] instrument does not meet college readiness standards."

Current TSI Requirements

TSI Exemptions

*ACT Composite Score 23 Math 19 ELA 19

*SAT Composite Score 1070 Math 500 ELA 500

*TAKS Exit Level ELA 2200 & 3 on essay, Math 2200

*EOC Algebra 2 Level 2 Final Phase In (4000)

*EOC English 3 Level 2 Final Phase In (4000)

Exemptions are good for 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What student will benefit from a college preparatory course?

Students who require assistance in meeting college eligibility requirements in order to prevent college bound students from being burdened by the time and expense of remedial college courses that do not count toward a student's degree plan.

Is a student required to take the TSI to determine successful completion of a college prep course?

Districts requirements vary.