in-page searching for iPhone and iPad

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What is Searchy?

Simply put, Searchy is an in-page searching tool that allows you to search inside Web pages using a Web browser on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Awhile back, I got sick of not being able to search long pages in Safari on the iPhone. While I usually start browsing by searching (using Google or another search engine), I found long technical pages difficult to find the elements and text I needed (such as when looking at message boards).
For me, Searchy was a no-brainer. Create a simple Web browser that allowed for searching inside the current Web page, and save the search results for later use.

That need resulted in what you can now purchase on the Apple App Store. Searchy solves the problem of searching inside a Web page, without all the bloat that other third-party browsers bring to the device.
Sure, it'd be nice to have tabs, markup tools, and a bread-cutter, but when it comes to getting work done you usually only need a simple set of tools.

I built Searchy for my own use; I've found it incredibly useful and hope you do as well.

- Chad Edge
Seattle, WA USA