by Luke Renier

Book Review

Agincourt is a thrilling medieval story based when England attacked France. The bestselling author, Bernard Cornwell. This stars young Nicholas Hook as he tries to survive being an outcast but one of England’s best archers. He participates in many battles and is under command by Sir John Cornewaille and King Henry V. This is an amazing novel and can definitely real any good reader in.

Agincourt begins with Nicholas going to murder a Perrill. The Perrills have had a long family feud with the Hooks. Nick believes that he has a curse on himself and the only way to lift it is to kill a Perrill. Nick’s arrow is on target but one of his fletching’s come off, and the arrow missed its target by a thumb’s width. Nick is not hanged but when he tries to save a girl from being killed but he becomes an outcast. He eventually gets away with advice from Sir Edward. He makes some money by battling for Sir Rodger and Soissons. Sir Rodger betrays the city by letting the French get in. Nick escapes and with him a woman he was able to save. When he gets back from France he is forced into the army and he eventually gains trust and becomes a ventenear. He contributes a lot to England’s assault on France through the battles of Agincourt and Harfleur.

The author keeps all events interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author makes it seem that the English will lose because the number of English to French was 5:1 but they pull through and win. This also goes hand in hand with the theme. Throughout the story Nick has to makes it through tough circumstances and eventually gets through them all with high respect from England. What the author is trying to portray is that even when times feel tough if you persist you will be able to accomplish your goals.

The author had more advantages than disadvantages. First off he made you want to read more almost completely throughout the book. He makes every event important so you have to read all of the novel. I like this strategy because it makes you want to read more. My favorite aspect of the book is the family quarrel between the Hooks and the Perrills.

The author though did have some sad moments in the book. The main disadvantage of the book was the part of the book where Michael dies. I felt it was unnecessary to the tension between the families and they should have had Michael stay in the army for a while longer.

Agincourt is an amazing novel. I would give this book 4 ½ stars because it was a book with a lot of thrilling parts but some people would not see it that way. I would recommend this book to people who love war or the medieval time era.

How it All Lines Up

The author’s settings and people were almost all historical. The author used specific historical details to make the battles of Harfleur and Agincourt seem more realistic. These specific details really helped me understand the setting and the tension of this time period. The details showed up constantly and never were off of the historical truth.

The author added a lot of historically correct facts but they still added to the book. Although they added to the book, if the author added more there would probably be too many. If there were more it would sound a little informational. I would probably read this book two times slower and would not have enjoyed it as much. There were no historically incorrect facts and I think Mr. Cornwell did an amazing job with the book.

The Battle of Agincourt


“It was a brawl. It was a tavern fight. It was like the Christmas football game when the men of two villages met to punch and trip and kick, only this game was played with lead, iron, and steal. Two or three archers would attack one man, tripping him or striking him down…”

Agincourt was a battle in which the English were outnumbered more than 5:1. The English were able to create a win however. The French had to travel up thick mud. This made them tired and moved sluggishly in battle. While traveling towards the English the French were meet by many arrows. The English archers outnumbered the English men at arms by 3:1.

After a long battle the English won. The leader of the English army King Henry V was declared the rightful king of France, only to die two years after by sickness. The English were able to beat the French which by both sides, seemed impossible.

The Letter to Michael

Dear Michael,

I know you know about me, Lord Slayton would have told you by the time this gets to you. Harfluer is going badly, the city has somehow resisted their capture and while we try to capture the stubborn city a lot of the troops are dying to sicknesses. I hope King Henry comes up with an idea to capture Harfluer before it’s too late. I’m sure we will take the city but I’m not certain how many of us will live. We need help if you come it might be too late to help much. I hope after Harfluer we will sail back to England.


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