~Typing Hurts~

By: Sara Ferguson

How can you have an injury just by doing so?

These are listed below on what the side-effects are. This can happen when typing, playing the piano, playing the drums, etc. When your moving your wrist to often it causes the ligaments, joints, and muscles to be pulled.Some of these seem fairly dangerous because as you can see in the middle picture, the wrist is bent in such a way that can be cause by typing and moving your wrist to much. Drumming is one of the worst ones because if you do such a thing, your wrist moves rapidly up and down wich makes your ligaments and joints snap and pop. You can fix this by typing, piano-ing, and drumming correctly. This doesn't happen after one song nor essay.This is why your posture and your technique is so important.

Here is what you can do to do so: