The Maze Runner

By: Ella Mae

About the maze runner

The maze runner is a nail-bitter story. The maze Runner is when young boys get sent to the glade and have to live there. The only way out is if you make it through the maze safely and the maze is not easy its hard! You don't want to go in the maze at night because thats when the grievers come and kill you. They don't know who is doing this to them but you never know if they will make it or even get out! This book is great for people that like action and some mystery to it. I thought this was one of my favorite books to read.
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The movie maze runner is out and you can go see it.

The glade

The glade is where the boys get sent to and they have this green living space and around it is really tall walls. Only young boys get sent into the glade but this time there was one girl.
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The Grievers

The Grievers are spider looking things and they have big mouths and look scary. These thing can kill you but you will have to find out why they would kill some 14 to 16 year old kids.
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James Dashner

copyright: October 6, 2009

genre: young adult science fiction

person vs nature because you are fight grievers sand you need to get out of a maze.