ALC 2 Coordinator's Newsletter #1

Welcome to Team ALC 2!

Hello, my name is Hirona Hono and I am your ALC 2 director. I am so excited to to be on a team with you as we prepare for an adventure this summer. It was nice to meet some of you at the kick-off meeting and nice to e-meet the rest of you!

I would like to know more about you and to explore how we can work better as a team before ALC starts. Please use doodle and select dates and times you are available to Skype with me. The Skype meeting will be about 20-30 minutes.

What will we talk about?

  • Your ideas and connections for about organization/volunteer visits during the program
  • Your presentation/poster-board session (which facet of American culture you would like to present)
  • Your move in/out schedule before and after the program
  • Your questions :)

Please send me your bio and photo!

We are currently making an orientation website for ALC and need your bio and photo this week! You can check out previous year's bio and pics here. Please send them to me ( by Wednesday, June 29th. If you don't, your profile pic will look like this!


Please feel free to contact me anytime at I am looking forward to talking to you soon!