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Why Do Pedestrians Get Into Car Related Accidents?

There have been a few news stories in recent weeks involving pedestrian-car accidents. There was a report of a woman being killed by an oncoming car, while another pedestrian was injured due to an accident involving two other cars. A pedestrian was killed in Chicago this month. He hit a police SUV while crossing the road at 5:30 AM.

History of Accidents

Pedestrians getting involved in accidents with bicyclists, motorcyclists and car drivers has always been a serious problem. Statistics show that there were over 5,000 pedestrian deaths in 2003 because of accidents involving vehicles. A further 70,000 people were injured in such incidents. Most of these accidents take place in peak hours. 3pm to 6pm have been identified as the times when pedestrians are most at risk of being hit by a car or cycle.Most accidents between pedestrians and car drivers take place in urban areas. Despite investing a lot of money in traffic control, it is reported that 75% of these incidents happen where no traffic control exists. Intersections only account for around 35% of pedestrian deaths and injuries on the road – a much lower number than most would expect.

What Causes These Accidents?

It is difficult to pinpoint one reason for why there are so many accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. Here are a few of the reasons -


Pedestrians deciding to walk in the middle of the road to cross the street is very dangerous. This contributes to a large number of accidents between cars and pedestrians. Cars are not expecting someone to be walking in that area, especially at night. This leaves them with very little time to avoid an accident.

Major cities experience the biggest problems related to jaywalking. People may think that it is quicker to cross the street in the middle, instead of walking all the way to the legal crossing spot.

Poor Perceptions:

Sometimes the perceptions among both pedestrians and car drivers can be to blame for an accident. For example, a pedestrian might not realize that they are in danger of being hit by the car. They may think they have 30 seconds to cross the road, while the car ends up arriving in 20 or 25 seconds.

Similarly, car drivers sometimes perceive pedestrians to be further away than they are. This results in narrow misses or accidents that could have been avoided.

Pedestrians are also guilty of crossing the middle of the road in groups. People think that greater numbers provides greater safety. That may be true sometimes, but following the leader can cause a lot of accidents on the road. The person at the front may make it in time, but there is no guarantee the whole group will escape unscathed.

Negligence from Car Drivers:

If the car driver was negligent during such an incident, there are severe consequences. In addition to financial compensation, drivers may find their license confiscated if they injure or kill someone in an accident.

Seeking Justice

If you know someone who has been injured or killed by an oncoming car or motorcycle, it is important to seek justice. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a great way to make this happen. These attorneys have experience in accidents involving pedestrians, which gives them a great chance of getting you a high settlement.

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