5th Grade News

Important Dates & Events

Friday, October 13th - 2nd Quarter Midterm

Wednesday, October 18th - Midterms go home

October 25-27 Thanksgiving Break

Academically Speaking

Science: Mixtures & Solutions

The 5th graders have been hard at work learning about the differences between mixtures & solutions. The students started with several solids (salt, diatomaceous earth & gravel) and had to figure out ways to filter and separate the solids. Through the engineering process, the students found that they could separate all solids, except for the salt because it dissolved - making it a special kind of mixture; a solution.

Student are currently working on discovering the concentration levels of salt solutions by finding their mass and volume, and will be working on the density of various liquids in the coming weeks.

  • Ask your child about the 2 parts that make a solution & what they have been doing in science!

ELA: Reading & Writing

Students are learning how to answer the question Why did the author write this? As we learn more about author’s purpose, we are better able to discuss reasons for why text was written and how the text may be structured. This past week, students also took time to read short biographies of American veterans, make inferences based on text, and write dedication poems. Next week, we will continue our study of author’s purpose as it relates to our Book Club books.

  • Ask your child to tell you about author’s purpose and PIE. Their answer may surprise you!


In math we are wrapping up our unit on multiplication with decimals. The students have done a wonderful job at mastering this skill! We will be moving onto long division with decimals after our test on Monday. With division with decimals the students will be dividing by powers of 10, estimating, and solving the division problems. Please make sure all students are practicing their math facts at home. If they have not mastered math facts, students will struggle to complete the complex math problems that we are doing in 5th grade.