Ah! It's warm it's dry, and but it rains?

Climate Location

It is usually along the West coast of a continent or island. It is warm and usually dry. Mediterranean climate is found on almost all continents. Mediterranean climate is located on the west side of North and South America. The winters in this type of climate is rainy.

Yearly Precipitation

Precipitation is primarily from rainfall, averaging 10.8in to 35.4in yearly. In some areas coastal fog and rare light snowfall contribute to the precipitation totals.

  • Annual Precipitation: 42 cm (17 in) on average.

Seasons and Temperature Range

  • Temperature Range: 7 °C (12 °F)
  • There is four different seasons summer, spring, winter, fall

Factors Affecting Climate

There are many factors that contribute to the climate change. some of them are large bodies of water, fires and whether or not there was heavy rainfall.