Valentine's Day Cookie Social

The Lodge Retirement Home at Leon Springs

Community Service Project

I feel it is important to help the community even by just picking up trash or picking up something off the ground that belongs to another person. The purpose of my project is to help my community even if it's just giving out cookies and having a conversation. I picked this because I enjoy hearing elders talk because they have lots of cool stories and wisdom. I did this because my goal is to help make the community better even by doing the small things. I grew as a leader by learning that you need to lead by example to show younger kids what to do so they can do it too. The project went great, the elders loved the cookies and juice. Plus, they loved having company and a conversation. I think they loved not being lonely and enjoyed it very much.
This is a link to the main website of The Lodge at Leon Springs Retirement Home for information.
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Future Community Service

My goal is to do more community service hours next year than I did this year.