GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week


This week we will begin to explore syllables in words. Syllable awareness is one component of phonemic awareness and provides a foundation for learning the sound print connection. Pre-K students will clap, tap, and "robot talk" to explore syllabication of words. Playing with words and how they can be separated into chunks helps develop this skill. At home, please practice clapping words together to help reinforce this skill.


Pre-K students will explore the science of shadows through a variety of activities this week. Punxsutawney Phil may not have seen his shadow, but we are sure to catch ours this week!


Letter R:

Begin in the writing corner

Big line down

Frog jump to the top

Little curve

Little line.

Review Numbers 0-10

Important Dates

March 2: Read Across America

March 4: Spirit Shirt Day

March 5: GSPO Auction

March 21-28: Spring Break

Birthday Shout-Outs

February 19: Emily Witry

February 21: Kinley Stephens