What they do

Charity:water. A determined and modest group of people saving people's lives, helping many suffering countries with water that are dirty and miles away. People in many African regions have to walk miles to get their water which isn't even clean. In Sahel, villages have to walk miles away from their home and get water from a dirty well. The rope to pull water from the well is rough and prickly and hands bleed while pulling it. Almost 1 billion people in the world don't have clean or sanitary water and more people die from it than people who die in war. The charity has had decreased the number of people dying and suffering from disease from lack of sanitation and brought more happiness to lives. They now help continents from all over the world. The charity started in the US but now, Paul Young, the director of digital, is willing to start one in Australia. At the end of 2012, charity:water were able to serve 3 million people. To see stories of people they served, click here.

How It Started

Charity:water started when a man named Scott Harrison left New York City and headed to the shores West Africa. He lived a selfish and arrogant life working for Apple and he wanted to change that. He asked himself "what does the opposite of my life look like?" and so headed off to West Africa. He started by volunteering to join a hospital on a boat called mercy ships. They helped poor nations across the world offering free medical care. Scott took place of the photojournalist and immediately went to Africa but it wasn't very enjoyable - the ship was not like a fancy ship but a war like ship with rooms that had cockroaches,roommates and 150 square feet long bunk beds. The restaurants were also like a mess hall for 400 soldiers. He felt like one of the paupers. But when he was out, he was astonished and amazed by how the people in Africa lived. He didn't feel like a pauper anymore now that he saw these people. He soon began to enjoy living in that country.As he was helping and working with those remote villages, he became a better person and realised what a spoilt life he lived.Meeting these people taught him many things. It taught him how important charity and generosity was and that's when it started. Charity:water

Why choose water?

Unsanitary water isn't as bad as you think. There are fatal diseases you can get and people are killed from it more than any death caused by physical violence. Especially children as they are not used to it as much and there bodies are completely new to it. And that's not all. 90% of 30000 deaths are caused every week are from unsanitary water and that can be fixed just by a little bit of attention and clean water. The distance is also a problem. Children and mothers have to walk miles and miss their school time and work time, coming back with bacteria infested water. So people who live with unsanitary have to walk miles missing school time, work time, and hobby time coming back with water which is unhealthy, unsanitary and bacteria infested water which can kill them.
World Water Day Video from charity: water

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