Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!!

Join The Patriots And, Fight For Your Indepencence!!

Join The Cause!

  • We beat the British at Lexington and Concord, and we can do it again!!
  • This is our homes! We wont let the British take it away!!
  • "No Taxation Without Representation!!"

Our Advantages

  • We are fighting for our freedom!!
  • We know this land better than any British soldier
  • With General George Washington as our leader, this war will be over in months!
  • With new tactics inspired by Ethan Allen and George washington we can beat the British!

British Disadvantages

  • They are 3,069 miles away. It takes them over 3 months to get supplies.
  • Their bright redcoats make an easy target.
  • They are fighting to get paid, we are fighting for freedom!!