The Salas News

By: Ben Salas

Prices at the Verona fruit market raise

On this past Friday we got intel from the manager of the fruit market that they will be increasing the prices of all of the fresh fruit in the market. He said that they just aren't making enough money lately so unless they want to close the market they will be increasing the prices.


3 young children found dead in Capulet tomb.

We have gotten reports that there have be 3 children found dead in the Capulet tomb. They have not identified the bodies yet but as soon as they do we will let you know. They have investigated and found that the bodies we dead late last night. The police have released more information. There are 3 bodies total 2 are stables and one is death due to poisoning. They still have not real eased who the bodies are. And will not release the information until the family's are notified. When we receive the information we will let you know. (20 minutes later) BREAKING NEWS!! the bodies found belong Prince Paris, Juliet Capulet, and Romeo Montague. This is very heart breaking to see this. There will be a city wide funeral to more the death of our lost love ones. The local police have said they will go into a further investigation to find out what really happened here but for now I'm Ben Salas saying "fare well Verona I'm out."