By Angel Clark Block 6

Type of government...

-Where the government plans and controls the economy

-All citizens are deemed equal. Communism is characterized by a single-party ruler dominant party rule.

Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro's powers...

- Propose to national assembly of people power the members of council of minsters.

- Except resignations or replacements of council of minsters.

-Preside over the National Defense council.

-Assume supreme command of all armed institutions.

-Sign or decree laws.

How was he elected...

-Fidel Castro took control of Cuba forcefully on January 1St 1959 as Prime Minister. By July 1959 Fidel took over as President.

-Cuba Became the first Communist state in the northern hemisphere in 1959.

Types of Legislature...

- Municipal Assembly

- Provincial and National Assembly

How many Member of Office...

National Assembly of peoples power-609

How Legislature chosen..

- Municipal Assembly is elected by the public

- Provincial and National Assembly is chosen by the Municipal Assembly

Who makes the laws...

-The President

-Municipal Assembly

What are the rights of Citizens...

Economic and social rights are are limited by government control. Cuba is committed to education and free health care. It's policies restrict academic freedom and labor rights. They are allowed to vote.

Other Communist Countries...

-China-Mao Zedong

-Loas- Coummaly Sayasone

-North Korea- Kim Jong-un

How is this government different than ours?

This form of government is different than ours because we have rights to study what we want to study in college and because if I lived in a communist state I wouldn't be able to work were ever I wanted to work.

Which type of government would you prefer?

I would prefer our government to be "Democracy" I would pick Democracy because what if i wanted to study art in college. I wouldn't be able to if i was living in a Communist state.