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We are getting close to track out; only a week and a half away. We've got so much going on in the classroom. I hope your child has been sharing all the happenings with you.

We started our week with Skype in the Classroom. We discovered more about fossils and dinosaurs from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. It was totally awesome; we got to see all kinds of fossils and learned more about dinosaurs. The kids loved it!

In literacy we are focusing on non-fiction text and written comprehension. The kids are getting much better with their writing and putting together some great responses to questions. I recommend that you get 3 highlighters (pink, yellow, & blue); have your child use them to highlight their written comprehension homework as a way to evaluate their responses and to check and see if they did RAP. Being able to go back and check their responses will help them with their end of year assessment.

We are continuing to observe the DC Bald Eagles. The kids have been working hard on their research and have put together some great notes. They are learning to synthesize /put all their info together into one piece of informational writing. We will be connecting this "in class activity" with an at home Animal Research Project. Info on this project will go home on Monday and will also be linked to our class website later this weekend so be sure to check it out and read it carefully. Below this section of the newsletter, you will find a link to the DC Eagle Cam, a sign up genius link where you and your child can sign up for a wild animal to research and a list of possible animals to choose from (you can pick from the list or add one not listed, but please don't select the Bald Eagle since we've researched that animal together as a class). We will be hosting a "Zoo"/Wax Museum after track out for other classes to come visit and learn about different habitats and animals that live within our world. The kids love hosting this and have so much fun teaching their peers. Please note- when you and your child choose an animal, you MUST check out all the animals that others have selected to make sure that you are not choosing one that has already been picked. We want 23 different animals.

Writing has never been so fun!!! We are busy being authors. The kids are putting together some awesome Fairy Tales and our class fairy tale is turning out to be amazingly creative. We can't wait to share these with you. Students have been getting advice from real authors through NBC Learn- Writer's Speak. I'm very proud of their hard work.

We are learning about the equal sign in Math and how to "balance" equations. We are using the equabeam to help students visualize the meaning of the equal sign (same value). See if your child can explain this to you.

Our field trip is next week (Thursday). Please make sure your child comes to school on time. We will be boarding the buses around 9:30 and should arrive at the museum by 10:30. Remember that we do not arrive back in time for students to ride the buses home; therefore, you will need to make sure arrangements have been made to pick your child up from the school around 4:30. I will use ClassDojo & Remind to message you when we pull out of the museum. If you have not signed up for either of these accounts; please do so that way you are in the loop to our estimated time of arrival. Check your child's Friday Folder for lunch reminders. Most of the kids are bringing their own lunch. Don't forget to pack everything in disposable containers as we will not be carrying lunch boxes or Tupperware containers. We will be throwing away all items after we eat that way nothing has to be toted around. Your child will NOT need to bring his/her bookbag to school on the day of our trip as we will NOT be going back into the classroom once we return to school. We will also be wearing our class shirts on the trip so just as they did on Field Day, they will need to wear a shirt that will be comfortable to wear underneath. All sunscreen will need to be put on before coming to school and snacks will be provided for the kids and chaperones. It will be a FUN day. I can't wait!

Please remember to check the Notes section at the bottom of this newsletter for more important reminders and info. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!

Take Care,


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  • Monday- I will be out on Monday. Mrs. Courtine will be our sub. If you need to contact the school or make any transportation changes, please call the front office at 919-557-2770 instead of messaging me through Dojo or Remind. I will not be able to forward these.

  • Field Trip- I put a lot of info about the Field Trip above in the "IN THE NEWS" section of our newsletter. Please make sure to read it carefully.

  • Easter Egg Hunt- We have only had 7 students send in their prefilled eggs for our egg hunt. Please make sure to send these in. Our goal is to have 500+ eggs for the kids to find. Our Egg Hunt is on Mon. Apr. 17th at 1:30.

  • Baby Bengal Bash- The PTA needs your help with this. Please click on this link: 2017 Baby Bengal Bash to see what is needed and how you can help make this event memorable.

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