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December 14th, 2015

Greetings to the Britt Elementary School Community!

As we begin this last week of the semester, I wish you the best as you continue to make the most of instructional time. (Please refer to the email sent last week regarding classroom holiday parties.) I appreciate the great job you do each day, and I believe we are all ready for a winter holiday break. I sincerely hope that you will take time to rest and renew yourself during the two weeks of vacation. This is a very busy, but enjoyable, time of the year. Here is hoping we all make time to rest and be ready for the second semester of the school year, beginning with the staff development day on January 5, 2015.

In the mean time, take time to wish Ginger Roberts well as she begins her retirement adventure. Ginger will be bidding her fourth grade students farewell on Friday, and she will be returning for her retirement celebration with us in Spring 2016. Ginger, I wish you the very best as you enjoy your retirement with your dear mother. Join me in welcoming Angela Lacroix to the Britt Team as she begins her work as a Britt fourth grade teacher. Angela will be here at Britt a few days this week to help make the transition smoother for Ginger Roberts's class.

Let me know how I can best support your good work at Britt Elementary School as we all strive together using effective, innovative practices to transform and personalize teaching and learning.

With warmest regards,


Enjoy this week of holiday celebrations!

Thank you!

  • The 2015 Chorus Concert was great! Thank you, Chase Garner, for your fine work making the Britt Chorus Concert a reality! Parents were very pleased with the performance. The students certainly enjoyed singing and performing.
  • A big thank you goes to Tom McNeill and Dana Sanders for their good work supporting the Britt Chorus! Thank you to the Britt custodial team for their good work making these two performances possible.
  • Midge Miller, Andrea Wade, Cheryl Roseberry, Ginger Roberts, Catherine Haynes, Melissa Madsen, Deborah Stringfellow, Sandy Grizzard: Thank you for supporting students during the evening performance!
  • Thank you to Marissa Yurko for loaning costumes for the Chorus Concert.
  • Great appreciation goes to Marissa Yurko and some of her art students for making the pear tree for the Partridge in a Pear Tree! Great job!!
  • A special note of appreciation to Deborah Stringfellow, Sandy Grizzard, Melissa Madsen, and each of you for your good work facilitating District Assessments.

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