Miss Feaster's Newsletter

Week of March 23, 2015

What's going on this week?

It is an exciting week in Miss Feaster's second grade class! In reading, we are working on identifying the parts of a story and explaining how they connect. In social studies, we are introducing the 3 branches of government (watch School House Rock video below), and in science we are looking at the stages of metamorphosis in butterflies and frogs.

This week in math class we are working on adding and subtracting money. We are also introducing Money Math Word Problems into the mix. The kids are having a great time beginning to understand how money math works in the real world. Please encourage them to help you count, add, and subtract money when you are at the grocery store and around town. Below is a PBS Learning Media game to help enforce this topic!
3 Branches of Government

State Capitol Field Trip

On Wednesday, April 1, we will be taking a trip to Harrisburg to tour the state capitol. Our class will have the opportunity to meet Senator Ryan Aument of the 36th district, and he will guide us through our day. We will be able to ask questions as he shows us around and explains to us how the 3 branches of government work together and balance each other in our state government, a topic we will be talking about in class. Please make sure you children have a packed lunch to eat in the cafeteria of the State Capitol building and please brainstorm with them about what questions they can ask Senator Aument. He is excited to meet us!