by Genesis P Forman

Is the planet Terrestrial or Jovian

Mercury is a Terrestrial planet Mercury has a thin atmosphere which causes it to swing between burning and freezing temperatures, mercury is also a dense planet composed mostly of iron and nickel with an iron core.

What is the length of a year & What is the length of a day

The length of a year for mercury is 88 earth days

The length of a day for mercury is 58 earth days

How many moons does the planet have

Mercury has no moons

Does the planet have rings? If yes what are the rings made out of

No, mercury does not have any rings i think that is because the planets are very close to the sun, and the suns strong gravity would interfere with anything in orbit around those two planets

What is the composition of the atmopshere

Mercury's atmosphere contains small amounts of hydrogen,helium, and oxygen. It also has even tinier amounts of sodium,potassium,calcium,and magnesium. Some of the gas particals come from the solar wind.

What is the average temperature range

Temperature: Mercury's surface temperatures range from 467 degrees Celsius 872 degrees farenheit

What are 3 distinguishing charecteristic's of the planet

Orbit period:87.969 days

Natural satellites: 0

Visual magnitude:-0.42

Name at least 2 missions that have explored the planet and the date

Mariner 10

Oct 31 2012 1:52pm

That is one of the missions i couldn't find a second so i only posted one

What is the mythology behind the planet

This was the name of the roman god of trade,merchants,and travellers, later equated with the greek god hermes