Miss LeMarr's Weekly Update

April 18 - 22

Notes from the Teacher 📝

Field Trip Reminders:

*We will be going to the Planetarium in Commerce. We will be leaving around 8:30, please have your child to school before then.

*A free sack lunch is provided by the cafeteria, or your student can bring lunch from home.

*We will be going to the park for lunch, so wearing closed toed shoes would be best.

*We will arrive back at Aikin around 1:30.

*Benchmark Testing - We will be taking benchmarks (like a practice STAAR test) on Friday, April 22 and Wednesday, April 27. It is incredibly important for your child to be at school these days.

*Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates 📌

April 20 - Spring Picture Day

April 21 - Field Trip to the Planetarium

April 22 - Reading Benchmark

April 27 - Math Benchmark

What We Are Learning ✏️

Reading: I am Helen Keller

Phonics: Lessons 136 - 138

  • Review of Digraphs, Trigraphs, and Quadrigraphs
  • Review of Combinations and Diphthongs
  • Review of Final, Stable Syllables and Affixes

Grammar/Writing: Research; Homographs


  • Repeated Addition and Equal Groups (Multiplication)
  • Addition and Subtraction Mixed Facts

Science: What are planets and stars?

Social Studies: Resources and Choices

Homework 📚

No spelling this week!

Reading for 15-20 minutes - it could be their library books, the newspaper, a billboard, a menu, a soup can, a cereal box - anything to get them reading.