BILC Talent Show

Does your kid have a talent? Would they like to show others?

Join us on Friday, February 16th at 6PM

Bright Ideas is finally hosting a Talent Show!!!

This has been a long asked for event and Wendy has decided to take on the coordinating of it. Please read below to find out more and talk to your child soon as the event is fast approaching.

Want to enter?

If you think that you qualify as a kid then you're in! (Yes, that means you can enter too parents!!!) If you or your child feels like they want to enter, then please send in a no more than 3 minute video of your talent. Just use your phone to record and share a link or email the video clip to me at


Friday, Feb. 16th, 6pm

Wales gym and stage

Teachers will be talking about this to the kids, but we need parent permission before she/he can preform. Acts from anything to a gymnast, a comedian, or a singer is great!

Wendy will be looking at the videos that parents send to to make sure that they have been thought out. By sending a video we know the parents are aware of this too and can come to the show.

If you do not feel you have a talent to share, you can still come. Please rsvp so we can be prepared for how many families.

You are encouraged to do a talent with your siblings or parent if you want. Mrs. Fronk will be preparing her Pre-K Class for a Nursery Rhyme Talent as a group act. Zoey is inviting all kindergarten and 1st grade kids to preform "Snowflake" with her. (The song they did for Christmas concerts with Mrs. Cavanaugh.)

Mrs. Cavanaugh has also agreed to help out so we can have music and microphones. Tell me in your video email if you might want special equipment, background music, etc.

In February our before and after school groups will get time to practice their talents and make decorations and props for the show. Email me if you have any ideas or want to help me with this event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

To Be Eligible:

Anyone can come to watch the show. Bring your neighbors and friends and teachers.

To be eligible to perform you must:

1. be going to BILC currently or have come last summer

2. send me a video no later than Saturday, February 10th

3. be a 3R's person (Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Environment)

If you come...

No medals of any sort will be handed out, but there will be a board that every contestant will sign so we can remember you participated in this awesome event. During the performances we will serve snacks and dessert after.


If you would like to monitor the snacks or help set up chairs or help clean up afterwards, please let me know. Help will be appreciated.

If you can bring in a snack or treat please email me at so I can make a list and make sure we have enough. BILC will provide napkins, cups, plates, etc.

Event planned and thought out by Wendy Fronk

Hope to see you there!