Distance Learning Continues

Enjoy the Sunshine! 4/20/20

Continue to Be Strong!!!!

Once again we had a great week of staff working hard to ensure our students are being taken care of and have what they need. We have a number of students that got technology delivered last week and/or are scheduled for deliveries this coming weeks.

If you have students with continued needs please reach out to your social worker, Melissa or Daphne- they can check the district spreadsheet and see if students have been sent to routing or scheduled for delivery.

Spring is always a busy time of the year for T Plus and this year will be no different.

We will be having Interview and Select for licensed staff and ESPs, Visit T Plus, Graduation Planning, Transfer meetings, and much more.

Cultural Humility with Distance Learning

Another Principal shared this information last week and we should consider it:

I’ve heard from a few parents that some of the images (“sprawling backyards,” trampolines, etc) shine a glare that isn’t potentially being received in a positive light. In addition, there’s been a few people pointing out some cultural disconnects (ie, staff holding and playing with animals that they [should] know aren’t culturally embraced).

In hearing some of this, I am thinking about how best to apply it to myself while also helping my staff to think about it as well with humility and not a defensiveness. The last thing we all need or want right now is to use this time to increase further inequalities, inequities or insecurities our kids might have about their homes vs. ours.

Article on Cultural responsive teaching with a digital format

Big picture

Counselor's Corner

Quarter 4 Courses & Attendance

All case managers will have an Advisory class for attendance purposes (1st-6th hours) and a Post-Secondary Strategies class (0 hour, grade-only). iDLP's will need to be updated to reflect this information.

All of your previously scheduled courses for Q4 remain (minus the students) in the event that we return to school this year. In order to "hide" these extraneous classes, in your Gradebook go to Settings -> Gradebook Setup -> Uncheck "Show Course in Gradebook Application" box for each individual course with the exception of Advisory (07729Q4 Periods 1-6 MTWRF) and Post-Secondary Strategies (07121Q4 Period 0 MTWRF).

Accuplacer & PSEO

If you have students who need to take the Accuplacer yet this year, and/or are wanting to apply for PSEO, please let me know ASAP! If a student has the appropriate technological set-up (i.e. laptop), I should be able to remotely administer the Accuplacer. PSEO application and forms can be submitted digitally.

Conversation with the Counselor

I am launching new daily Google Meets times for students who want to check in with me for post-secondary, academic, or social/emotional reasons. The times will be Monday/Wednesday 11:00am-12:00pm and Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm-2:00pm. Links will be forthcoming in case manager's emails.


Tia has added a class to Google Classroom called SEL for Students and Staff. She will continue to add resources as we move through this and even into next year when we’re back at school.

Please let her know if there is any way she can be of assistance as you continue planning for distance learning.

Hello Everyone,

Sending you all well wishes and kindness.

I saw that the Coffee Break Bright Spot wasn’t linked as intended, so I’ve fixed the link below and added it here: Coffee Break Bright Spot

Maybe you’ll consider joining me at 8:00 AM for 15 minutes of Morning Mindfulness!!

Good morning all—

We hope that this message finds you and your loved ones doing well. Here are a few updates for you:

  • Please see that the Cohort 1 gathering originally scheduled for Thursday 4/23 has been cancelled. It will be replaced with a virtual offering tailored to meet the needs of individual sites during this period of school closure. Cohort Principals and SEL Leads will be receiving more information about this change shortly.
  • In the meantime, please take a moment to check out the new SEL, Equity & Engagement SharePoint page. You will find that new resources for Adult SEL, virtual SEL content and supports for caregivers are added nearly daily.
  • Also note that the SEL, Equity & Engagement teams have collaborated to create an opportunity for all staff called Coffee Break Bright Spot which is a positive community "space". In this space we hope to connect with colleagues across the district to hear what is working and what they need personally/professionally. Some days are open to all staff and some days are dedicated to particular groups of staff. I've linked the calendar with more info here

If you have questions about this message or suggestions for resources for sharing please email us here.


The MPS SEL Team & Sponsors

Whether virtual or real… our graduation slide show will have pictures of our 2020 graduates, as well as other great pictures of T+ activities and students.

Send your best shots to mary.bock@mpls.k12.mn.us or you can text them to 612-845-4849.

Very short video clips could work too. Also, I was planning to host online CBI to work on this, starting Friday 4/24. Interested students will work on invite and program design, music selection and editing, picture editing, and video editing for the slide show. I will keep with 11 am mtg. time, if that works. Open to feedback on time, etc.

-Mary Bock

Google Classroom

If you have not added the Student Safety Tips to your Google Classroom yet please do so ASAP. Here is how to do it- Student Safety Tips

Many of you have done this already. If you have not, please add the naming convention to your Google Classroom so it easier for everyone to be able to find it - e.g. TPlus.Backes.Art

PDP Coordinator Updates:

Hi wonderful T-Plus distance learner staff!

Please complete your PDP progress reports and final reflection to receive your high quality green check marks.

Complete soon due to upcoming eCompass systems change over.

****When complete you will be entered in a drawing to receive free parking in the T-Plus lot for

the remainder of this school year.

Thank you,

PDP temporary coordinator

Brad Aubrecht

Technology Distrbution

Thank you all for advocating for our students to get the technology they need .

  • If you have updates to a student’s address or contact information, please make them in Discovery if possible (we’ll be pulling from Discovery daily); if not possible to update in Discovery, please send to the Transportation@mpls.k12.mn.us email address.
  • For technology issues with devices that have been delivered, please contact IT’s eHelpdesk (612.668.0088 or email ehelpdesk@mpls.k12.mn.us).
  • For errors in deliveries, please contact Transportation@mpls.k12.mn.us
  • If you have questions about getting a device for your student, please know that they are managing many requests and working as quickly as we can. The first step is to fill out this form.

Our initial form we developed has been integrated with the district form- We will not be maintaining the form we originally created.

The district is working to provide hard copy student enrichment and education packets to all students without devices.

If you have specific enrichment packets you want to provide for your students, work with Melissa to complete the printing and mailing.

Special Education Resources

Check out the special education distance learning resource page for resources. There you will find resources for iDLPs, scheduling, assistive technology, PIC and more.

There are also specific resources for related services.

Check it out

Guthrie- Artisan Resident

Theo from The Guthrie would like staff to know he is able to support you in the following ways

  • I can create activities to do virtually that I can either lead myself or write up instruction for you staff to follow or create video content for your staff to share. Things like mindfulness activities, theater games, poetry, movement, music, and probably more.
  • I can also be a sounding board if anyone has ideas that they need help figuring out.
  • And I'd love to help with the virtual talent show!
  • I'm also super open to thoughts you or your staff may have.

This Week at Virtual TPlus

Monday------------- ILT -------------------------------- 8:30-9:30

Tuesday ----------- Lic Staff mtg ------------------ 8:30-9:30

------------------------- Team 1 Mtg ------------------ 11:00-12:00

Wednesday ------ Team 3 Mtg ----------------- 1:30-2:30

Thursday----------- Team 2 Mtg----------------- 8:30-9:30

-------------------------- ESP Mtg ---------------------- 2:00-3:00

Friday ---------------

Thanks Liz for this great video! Make sure you have tissues ready! :)
GOLDEN BUZZER! Sign Along With Us put on the GREATEST show in EMOTIONAL Audition | BGT 2020
Thanks Laura for these great videos we can include during classes!
Mindful Moments with JusTme (#1 Using Breath as Anchor)
Mindful Moments with JusTme (#7 Clench & Release)