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Back to School Basics! August 2021

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Welcome Back Message from Superintendent Mendoza

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Return to In-Person Learning

RLAS-116 is excited to announce the return of in-person learning, full time, for all students of the District. This plan is fully supported and encouraged by the Illinois State Board of Education, recognizing the fundamental importance of in-person learning for the wellbeing of students, families, and communities.

Currently, there are no remote-learning options available for students for reasons outside of COVID quarantine requirements or medical homebound tutoring needs.

2021-2022 School Calendar

We can't wait to welcome our students back to in-person classes on Monday, August 23!

The full 2021-2022 School Calendar is available on the District website. A printable version of the calendar is also available.

School hours are back to normal again! A list of individual school hours are available on the District website.

Important Back to School Dates

  • August 10: Classroom Teacher / Student Schedule posted in Infinite Campus Portal
  • August 12 & 13: Freshmen Student Orientation
  • August 16: Transportation Routes posted in Infinite Campus Portal
  • August 17: Bus-Tag Pick-Up for Bus Riders in grades PK-5 (required)
  • August 20: 6th Grade Student Orientation
  • August 23: First Day of School

Masking Requirements

Based upon recently revised CDC Masking Guidance and by State mandate, RLAS-116 will require universal masking for all students (PK-12+), staff, and visitors while inside school buildings.


Students may unmask while:

  • outdoors for physical education, recess, or other activities, while observing appropriate social distancing;
  • actively eating lunch; or
  • if student has an approved medical mask exemption.*

*requires administrator approval

School Supplies

Grades PK-5

The District is utilizing Federal funds to purchase classroom supplies for children in grades PK-5 this year. These supplies will remain in the classroom. Students will still need a backpack. Families may wish to purchase general supplies for home use.

Middle & High School
Supplies are more class/course specific at the secondary level. Students should be prepared with general supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Teachers will communicate more specific supply needs at the start of school.

Note: Each student will need to have their own set of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. These devices will be used along with their district-issued iPad while in school. Details on recommended earbuds and/or headphones are available in the Student Technology section of this newsletter and also on the District's website.

Daily Student Health Screening Requirements

All families will be required to submit a Health Screening Survey each school day. The Health Screening Process will be completed electronically using the Infinite Campus Portal. Parents/Guardians will receive an email each morning, reminding them to complete the screening form. Parents/Guardians will be asked to confirm their child or household member is not exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms. If an individual within the household is exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms and/or has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, no person residing within the household will be permitted to attend school in-person until cleared by the school nurse to do so.

Students will no longer be required to participate in temperature checks when arriving at school. However, random checks will be conducted to ensure that the daily health screening surveys are being completed by all families.

Parents/Guardians must agree to be available to pick their child up from school in a timely manner if they are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms.

Student Technology

All returning students will use a District-issued iPad that will need to be brought to school, fully charged, each day. All new-to-district students will receive their District-issued device during their first week of school.

Important student device information, including user expectations and fees are located on the District's website.

Each student will be required to purchase and use their own set of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones with their iPads. There are a number of earbud options in the marketplace and not all of them perform well. Therefore, the Technology department has tested a number of options and is recommending:

  • Apple - EarPods™ with 3.5mm Plug - White (Model:MNHF2AM/A) MSRP $19, for all age students.

Should elementary parents prefer “over-the-ear” headphones instead, the technology department is recommending:

Both models performed very well during our tests and are reasonably priced and readily available.

Families needing assistance with the purchase of these items are encouraged to contact their child's school to discuss options.

RLAPD Before/After School Care

Is your family looking for before and/or after school care this fall? One of our local partners, the Round Lake Area Park District, provides this service to families of children in grades K-6. These programs are structured to provide relaxed recreational opportunities to counterbalance the school day's educational activities. Please visit the RLAPD School-Age Care webpage for additional information and registration. You may also reach the Park District at 847-546-8558.