Vietnam Assignment

Lilly Godinez


Love was about Jimmy Cross and the narrator meeting up with each other a few years after the war. They talk about how life is now and bring up old memories. They laughed at all the funny things the other soldiers to do to find their comfort. When he brought up Martha to Jimmy, he got sentimental and talked about the time they ran into each other again.

Song of Napalm was about a man having flashbacks of times spent during the Vietnam War. He described how he seen a girl running with napalm stuck on her as he knew her time would be up soon. He also describes how her body slowly comes to a halt when it finally wears off on her.

Important Passages

Love "Jimmy shook his head. "It doesn't matter," he finally said. "I love her." That passage is an important quote because it explains that no matter what happened between Martha & Jimmy, he still always loved her. Regardless of her being a virgin, not married, burning all of her old stuff, he still found a way to love her.

Song of Napalm "Still I close my eyes and see the girl running from her village, napalm stuck to her dress like jelly, her hands reaching for the no one who waits in waves of heat before her" That stanza relates to the passage as a whole because the poem is about how he still has bad flashbacks of the war. The girl that had napalm attached to her body was a soldier that helped the narrator in the war and some things as tragic as that, can effect someone's life badly.

Discussion Questions

1. What messages are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war?

They are trying to make the readers have a visual of the events happening to the soldiers in their minds. The message they are trying to send out to the readers is to think about how bad the war has an effect on people.

2. What is the impact war has on people?

Impacts on the soldiers that have fought in a war can range from anywhere to shock, trauma, and really bad and scary flashbacks of the war.

Big image
The picture above reflects some aspect of the Vietnam War because it was a very sad and hard time for the soldiers. They all carried small little knickknacks to remind them of what they had back home. They didn't know whether or not they would ever see their loved ones ever again. It was emotional but they had to stay strong no matter what.
Soldiers Coming Home (Sad)
The video above shows different events of soldiers coming home to their loved ones after fighting in the war and being away from them in so long. Everyone gets very emotional because its a relief to know that they are back home and safe.