Innovation Project Status Update

J.J. Rhoads Elementary

J.J. Rhoads Early Learning Center Project Management Website

As part of our collaborative efforts to assist your team in effectively managing your innovation project, ACE has completed the development of your campus specific project management website, where your team will have access to all required planning resources and tools needed to complete project-related critical tasks within established timelines. We will continue providing ongoing planning support to your team through the different stages of the application process, and will send you bi-weekly reminders of upcoming tasks via Innovation Project Status Update newsletters.
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Bi-Weekly Critical Action Steps - June 2020 (June 8 - 19)

  1. Discuss Branding for EL Center
  2. Create Communication/Marketing Plan
  3. Confirm/Revise Master Schedule
  4. Discuss After School Program

With Early Learning Collaboration:

  1. Create Enrollment Plan
  2. Discuss Resource Purchase
  3. Discuss Teacher Selection Process
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