Cheetahs Need Our Help!



Cheetahs are tan in color, with black spots all over their body, also smaller in size compared to other big cats. They have small heads and ears, and black "tear stripes" from their eyes to the sides of their nose. These cats usually weigh around 88 to 132 pounds, males are bigger than females.(AEAS, Animal Info, National Geographic, Jones, Knight)

Reasons for endangerment

The main reason why cheetahs are endangered is that people are building farms in the cheetahs' territory. When the farmers see the cheetahs nearby, they are scared the cheetahs will eat their livestock. A law was even passed permitting ranchers to shoot cheetahs if they show a potential threat to their livestock.(BCR)

Food Chain

More Food Chain Info

Cheetahs are very close to the top of the food chain, and have many different kinds of prey. Their diet can include steenbok, rabbits, wildebeest calves, duikers, kudu, impala, springbok, hartebeest, oryx, sable antelope, warthog, and many birds, but most often gazelle.(BCR)


Cheetahs were once widely distributed throughout Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia Minor, and East of India. Now, they are sparsely scattered in Nambia, Kenya, and some other small countries. They prefer to live in open grasslands and savannas where it's warm and dry, with tall grass for camouflage.(BCR)


Cheetah Breaks Speed Record Cincinnati Zoo 6.130 second 100-meter dash

More Adaptation Info

Cheetahs are extremely fast, have sharp eyesight, and fur color that matches its surroundings. These are things that helped these mammals adapt to their habitat. The speed helps them chase down prey, and get away from danger quickly. Their keen eyes help find prey, or see danger coming from far away. Cheetahs have tan fur color to blend in to the dry grass in their habitat.(BCR)

Critical Information

Today there are less than 10,000 cheetahs left, 1,000 already in captivity. These majestic creatures' habitat is getting smaller and smaller. Soon they will have nowhere to go. Join us in the fight to save these amazing creations of nature! (BCR)

Photo Credits: (iStock Photo, Flickr)

Book Reference: Built for Speed by Sharon Elaine Thompson

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