Freedom from Discrimination

By Omar Jacobo


Racism has been in our history for years and still is in our life today - everyday people from different perspectives get judged by their color. There has been many stories and articles about racism and all of them have the same purpose, why are they being judged for being a different color. Not to long ago this African american boy was shot and killed from a white police man and people think up to this day that Trayvon didn't do anything wrong to get killed so people in his town created a riot. This riot went on for months until they put the police officers in jail for killing a black person for no reason. The thing that happened to Trayvon was part of Discrimination because the police did it on purpose to shoot him because he was black and wasn't trying to attack the police men.


African Americans killed every year

  • 324,000 African Americans killed in only 35 years

Racism percentage

  • 90.72% non-white individuals
  • 9.28% white individuals

Organizations for stopping Racism

  • YWCA

YWCA is a organization that helps people talk and go against racism or just help them out when they feel bad for being a different color other than white.


NAACP is a Americas premier nonprofit legal organization fighting for racial justice. For 75 years, they have worked to protect our citizens' hard-won civil rights.

  • Discrimination Free Zone

We aim to end discrimination through the creation of Discrimination Free Zones throughout the world. We promote our message with branded wristbands, shirts, hats, signs, posters, stickers and other items that individuals wear or display.


I used Wikipedia and articles from people who have been and seen what being Discriminated is about.