E Cigs

Where there is a Hope, there is a Way!!

There is a well known saying “Time fleeth away without delay.” It is definitely true because time gone is gone and we can’t get back the lost moments. But I try to feel the moments again by slightly closing my eyes and going back to that time. The moments sometimes give me a pleasure while some gives me tear in my eyes. What I feel is the value of tear is far more than the happiness. Nobody can deny the fact that everyone experiences sadness at least once in life. I am no exception. There is a special person in my life who is not just a common man for me but an inspiration for me. He is none other than my Dad.

One day while I was lying down on my bed, I just closed my eyes and I recalled an unforgettable event. But what I recollected was the dreadful scene that happened with me few years back. My dad was an intense smoker and due to excessive smoking, he had a small brain hemorrhage. He was in the hospital for a couple of months and I can never ever forget that period. Those days were the most terrible days of my life till date. On being asked, the doctor told me that smoking was the only reason for the hemorrhage. A portion of blood was clotted in his brain. The doctor recommended him to stop smoking. By god’s grace, today, he is all right and I often go to see him.

To be honest, feeling of anxiety always rises, to help him out as it has been very difficult for him to stop smoking. I think people should take precaution so that they do not fall into such trouble. I have seen people using e cigarettes. They are considered to be an alternative for it. I have been hearing about these devices every now and then. I am occasionally checking on the electronic cigarette reviews on the web.

What I felt after reading the reviews is that South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs are some of the brands that are rated among the top brands. I believe, if we hope for something good then we can definitely find a way for it.