All About Me

noga cohen

About me


My name is Noga,

I have long brown hair,and brown eyes to.

I have six pepole in my family.

Mom,Dad,my twin Hila,a big sister(her name is Carmel),and a littel sister(her name is Sapir).

My birhday at september 8th.

I live in Israel,Ashdod.

My name school is Eshcol.

I walk to school every day at 7:20.

My favorite band is The Beatles.

And my favorite song is "help"of the beatles.

I like to read and watch Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

I like to read,dance and sing,

Ilike to drow.

my favorite day is Thursday Because we have Computers in that day!

What about you?

whay is your favorite day?


meet my Friends!!!


meet my sister!

she is not my Really sis.but i love hir.

she allweys come to my home and we play and tallk about Our day.


meet linoy.

she is like my mom,

but she is my Friend to.

The Beatles "HELP"

The Beatles - Help