#beingr @Rossett

The Daily Paper for the 3R's week

See below to see some of the examples of #beingr @Rossett today

Some great examples from English, PE, History, Music and the assembly
The 3 R's Culture of Learning @Rossett

#beingr in English

@mann_miss: Great lesson with Year 8 @rossett today. Students learnt about War propaganda- something they've not done before. Good resilience. #beingr

#beingr in Music

@rossettmusic: Great group reflection shown by A2 Music Tech @Rossett #beingr targets set. Now time for responsibility and resilience!

#beingr in FormTime

@Westylish: There are 8 forms in year 10 and 10WT have 9 students in the top 30! You do the maths! #beingr #heroics http://t.co/NNHYJOZ3DA

#beingr in the whole school assembly

@MissV_Young: Can't think of a better way to start a Monday morning than with a bit of Queens of the Stoneage @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/lF3FB90ef1

#beingr in Year 9

@Mrs_Kenwood: When it comes to REFLECTING, Dumbledore is king. Here's one that applies to life AND GCSE options! #beingr @Rossett http://t.co/eGIG9h5SJs

#beingr in PE

@pauldavidmac: http://t.co/54kIgcpXcm Learning mats a great way to promote responsibility within @rossett students for their own learning #beingr