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Maplebrook Elementary ~ January

Happy New Year

I hope that you each had a fantastic winter break and that 2021 is off to a great start!

This month students will begin working on their GT project. This week each grade level will have the opportunity to explore some various projects and select the one they are most interested in. Once projects have been selected, we will begin to dive into the research phase! We use TPSP, Texas Performance Standard Projects, as a framework for the project. The TPSP gives students a framework for successfully completing an independent research project. "Because the student work is divided into two phases at most grade levels, there are built-in opportunities for teachers to provide direct instruction so that students have the skills necessary for developing an end product. The TPSP enables students to become real thinkers and scholars. Students are challenged to think critically, abstractly, and logically to evaluate and solve a problem. Students synthesize new information and comprehend different points of view. They also learn to communicate effectively and clearly in written and oral forms."

GT projects will be mostly done here at school. Students are welcome to work on their project at home if they wish and of course they will have access to work on it during class when time allows.

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Cannon

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As of now, here is what we know about the GT expo (showcase):

  • It will be held VIRTUALLY sometime between March - May (Dates are TBD by the district)
  • Students will need to create a DIGITIZED TPSP Project (More details below)
  • Virtual Expo to be conducted using Renzulli Learning platform

TPSP Project Plan

  • Review & go over steps of research
  • Brainstorm & explore various topics that align with the theme of "Sustainable Living"
  • Each student will decide on a final topic of choice that aligns with our theme
  • Create "guiding questions" for their topic - these questions should not be "Googleable" questions that only have 1 answer - they should be questions that require the student to use several sources to determine findings to support their answer
  • Begin researching each of the guiding questions & record their findings in an organized manner
  • Explore various options for final presentation products & choose one that best fits their needs
  • Begin creating a final product - this HAS to be in a digital format to be uploaded to Renzulli for our Expo

Renzulli Learning

  • Students will be working through Renzulli Learning to complete their projects.
  • Outside sources CAN be used & are encouraged.
  • Students need to have their projects completed by Spring Break in March.

TPSP Products

  • Students can create a digitized product through Google Slides, Screencastify, or MyVRSpot. They would still need to record themselves "presenting" their work verbally & upload this to Renzulli Learning.
  • Students also have the option to create a NON-digitized product such as a traditional tri-fold poster & video themselves presenting it, uploading the recording as their TPSP project.

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Games to Foster Critical and Creative Thinking! Here are some fun games to play indoors:

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