Stomp Out Bullying

Help Stop cyber-bullying and online harrasment

The Facts.

Bullying is a problem that effects almost all students of all races and classes. Bullying is when someone hurts or scares another person intentionally and repeatedly this includes but is not limited to name calling, inflecting physical pain, exclusion, public humiliation, hurtful pranks, and defacing one's property. 1 of 4 kids are bullied and depending on the age group up to 43% of those children have been cyber-bullied.

What Can I Do ?

In a world where snitches get stitches and rats get trapped you might ask yourself what can I do to help stop bullying? The answer is as simple as letting an adult know that you or someone around you is being bullied. Aside from flat out tattle-telling there are several other ways to stop bullying such as confronting the bully directly and letting him or her know that what they are doing is not acceptable, befriending the victim and including them in some of your activities is another way to help stomp out bullying .