Save The Whales, Save Ourselves!

Stop unsanitary meat processing and harvest.

The country's meat processing is unsafe.

The United States meat processing plants are unsafe and unsanitary. The owners are freezing hoards of cattle alive and keeping them for years in the freezers! Then they take the frozen corpses, which are full of RATS and grind them up for us to eat!

  • 40% of the meat is rotten
  • 10% of the meat is illegally harvested from whales and fisheries.

If a worker falls in the vat, THE WHOLE BATCH IS STILL CANNED. Stop eating your friends!

The packing process is wasteful aswell. Much of the "meat" is just spilled out on the floor of the plant, and then scooped back up and put in the vat. When the work day is over, the slop still on the floor is washed out into nearby rivers and streams!
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If you want to stop this HELP US!

  • monotary donations are always appreciated
  • Join Labor Unions
  • Boycott the Meat Processing plants!

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