Rainbow City

Welcome to the time of your life


South Africa

How did you originate?

in Swahili

type of economy

we are traditional, we farm and hunt our gatherings.

type of government

monarchy, im the Queen.





National Anthem

claim to fame

we have the most colorful places in the world

national Animal



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what do you trade?

we trade iteams that are most close to us

who are some of your trading partners

we trade within our city.

Membership in the U.N.?


List atleast 10 laws

1. you cannot be shoeless in a store

2. kids cannot work at the age 13

3. no eating near the beach side

4. respect all colors

5. heavy arguing is not tolerated

6. no guns are aloud on any property

7. no cheating with your spouse

8. no littering

9. don't hit a girl

10. no prostitution

Perfect Two - Auburn [Lyrics on screen and in description]

list at least 3 current events that are happening now that invovle your government

the queen is building three new buildings.

taxes are be decreased by 3%.

there's a new ruling, no homeless people.