3rd Grade LEAP

Every Thursday!


This unit we will be discovering the world of enigmas! Each week we will discuss and learn about a new unsolved mystery. By the end of this unit the students will be able to describe a particular enigma mystery in detail (their final project), distinguish between fact, opinion and reasoned judgement, evaluate reliability of sources and understand what a reasonable judgment is.

Language Arts

The students will be researching an enigma of their choice during this unit. I will be giving them options of how they would like to present it but the end goal will be to present the facts about the enigma, at least three possible theories about they mystery and what they believe to be true.

STEMS - Mystery Festival

For our STEMS lessons this unit we will be solving the mystery of Mr. Bear! Each week students will unravel clues to solve the mystery of who stole Mr. Bear. By the end they will be able to pull all the evidence from interviews and experiments to find the main suspect(s)!