Champion News

September 8, 2014

Progress Reports

Progress Reports go home this Monday. Please look for those and sign and return ASAP. Remember I try to send home graded papers, information, flyers, etc. on Monday.

Technology/Inquiry Project!

We completed our first technology project on Friday. Students worked with partners. Each partner made a secret model out of unifix cubes and their partner had to ask questions in order to build the same model.

We then learned how to use cameras to take pictures. That was the easy part! We then learned how to make a new folder on our desk tops, upload pictures to that folder, and insert the picture into a word document. Students then had to type 4 sentences about their work, and save that file to a folder. Sounds simple? Whew! This process took several hours over the last three days! I relied on students to listen, work in small groups to help each other, and to stay on task.

Several students were able to upload their assignments on Edmodo. We will complete that step on Monday. If you would like to help upload your child's work from home, and you need their Edmodo password (or would like a parent code) please email me and let me know.

We are on our way to lots of Project Based Learning!


We can now count to 7 in Mandarin! I was sooooooo proud of our class when they went to see Ms. Li for the first time this week. The lessons are streamed live to the other third grade classrooms, and our class was awesome! They all listened were so respectful to Ms. Li. YAY Class!

Character Words

A big part of being an IB school is having the students develop certain character traits and attitudes. This month we are working on CARING (school wide). Please talk to your child every week about ways they can be caring toward each other and their environment. Reinforce and reward behavior that shows caring.

As a class, I am stressing the importance of developing and INQUIRING attitude. I want them to learn to ask questions! I want them to stop thinking about what they know about a subject and start asking about what else they would like to know..........


Remember that homework is the same. Monday is five times each with the spelling words. Tuesday is ABC order. Wednesday is 10 sentences. If your student forgets his/her spelling words at home, I have started our classroom blog, and you can find a link to the spelling words there. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the blog. I am using a different platform, but I think I have the kinks worked out.