Microwave cooking and technique

Rahjai Bell

Do's and Dont's


- Cover dishes

- Stir and rotate food

- Arrange food so food can cook evenly

- Clean microwave

- Paper in the microwave


- Leave forks in the microwave

- NO metals

- Plastic Containers

- Cook more than 1 food

- Walk away from cooking food

How a microwave works.

Step 1: Read instructions

Step 2: Plug in microwave

Step 3: Set time

Step 4: Apply your understanding to a microwave

Step 5: Understand the microwave

Step 6: Understand how the heat flows through

Step 7: Understand the side-effects of other cooking method

Step 8: Have a cooking plate

Step 9: Know your wattage

Step 10: Enjoy your microwave

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nuke: The act of preparing something

sizzle: (of food) make a hissing sound when frying or cooking

griddle: a heavy, flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food

roast: by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire

ruin: collapse

bake: dry heat without direct exposure to a flame

broil: cook (meat or fish) by exposure to direct heat

sear: burn or scorch the surface , intense heat

toast: browned on both sides

fry: cook in hot fat or oil