Atlantis Shuttle Missions

BY: Lilly Alonzo

Atlantis Shuttle Missions

Atlantis (OV-104) was delivered to Kennedy space center in April 1985. It lifted off on its maiden voyage on October 3, 1985, on mission 51-J. In recent years, Atlantis has delivered several vital components to the international space station, including the U.S. laboratory module, Destiny, as well as the Joint Airlock Quest and multiple sections of the Integrated Truss structure that makes up the station's backbone. By early 2005, Atlantis had undergone two overhauls known as orbiter maintenance down periods.
Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch STS117 8th June 2007 HD


Atlantis, the fourth orbiter to become operational at the Kennedy Space Center, was named after the primary research vessel for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts from 1930 to 1966. The two-masted 460-ton ketch was the first U.S. vessel to be used for Oceanographic research.

How many missions?

Atlantis did 78 total missions.
Actual Real Sound of a Space Shuttle Launch STS-135 Atlantis - The Last One

The last mission

The last missions of Atlantis was STS-135, the last flight of shuttle program. This final flight, authorized in October 2010, brought additional supplies to the international space station and took advantage of the processing performed for the launch on need mission, which would only have been flown in the event that Endeavour's STS-134 crew required rescue.

The crew

The commander is, Christopher Ferguson, The pilot is, Douglas Hurley, The mission specialist 1 is, Sandra Magnus, The mission specialist 2 is, Rex Walheim.