A block of ice at risk

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The snow glows white on Antarctica tonight. What a wonderful sight!

Antarctica is a wonderful place with many issues...

Global Warming

Melting ice

When you drop ice cubes into a cup and leave it outside in the sun, there is a certain chance that the ice will melt. Just like those ice cubes, the Antarctic's ice sheet is now losing 159 billion tonnes of ice each year due to melting ice. This is a major problem, affecting us as humans and the animals who call Antarctica home. This must STOP!

Sea levels rising

Why is sea level rising so important? And how it is formed? First of all, sea levels rising could lead to floods. This means that ocean waves could get bigger and BIGGER. Second of all, rising sea levels are caused by melting ice sheets itself. The more the ice melts, the more the sea would and will rise.

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Increased tourism


Tourists come and go leaving their rubbish behind them. Fishing nets, plastics, fishing lines, oil barrels which are left behind could be carried out to sea or left on the white pristine snow. Those wastes could ruin the snow or affect the animals one way or another.

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Researchers and environmental advocates fear that one day the unspoiled landscape of Antarctica will be trampled over with people's footprints. Imagine the pure white land, a blanket of snow covered in people's footprints! The land once thought was an untouched icon turned into a mess of trampled snow.



Many species have been hunted/fished near extinction due to commerical activities. For example: the Antarctica fur seal was at the verge of extinction at many locations by 1830. It's tragic that extinction has become such a major issue in the animal kingdom, affecting the adorable animals of Antarctica too.
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Who is making this happen?

It's US! WE are the destroyers! WE are the terrorists! WE are the unpreservers! WAKE UP EVERYBODY! Antarctica needs us!

The animals' homes depends on us! The animals need us!

Let's preserve! Let's conserve!