The Maze Runner

James Dashner

Reviews on the book The Maze Runner

  1. This is a really good book especially if you're a fan of dystopian books. It's about a bunch teens getting their memory wiped and sent to the glade. Then Thomas arrives and things begin to change... The book is pretty violent.
  2. This is yet another book set in the future were kids face mortal danger every day. I know the drill. But this has an odd twist to it. Rather than the government being just idiots and killing off kids for telivision entertainment (the hunger games) or the kids dying actually being killed for the better good of the people (unwind) this book is a post apocaliptic rescue team that is being put to the ultimate test. Not overly graphic, and a great page turner!
  3. i was so excited to get this book. I loved the hunger games and was lead to believe that this was just like it. I hated this book. It started out okay, until one of the boys went insane and try to eat another boy. Then they through the insane boy into a pit of monsters to be eaten. This book was way to violent. The only reason i gave this book 2 stars is because the plot line was good, even though the execution was awful.

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James Dashner was born and raised in Georgia and then moved to the Rocky Mountains. He know has four children. He has a passion for reading and writing. He loves his books he writing for the young and old.

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