Japanese Anime

In subbed or dubbed

What is Japanese Anime?

Anime (ah-NIH-may) is short for Japanese animation. Anime covers a wide range of topics and styles. Unlike American cartoons, which is only considered for children, Japanese anime in Japan is for all ages.

What is dubbed and subbed and raw?

Subbed is a term commonly used when a person watches anime with subtitles, as the original is in Japanese. The subtitles can be in any language but are most commonly used when talking about English subtitles.

Dubbed is a term used for when people see anime with the original show but voiced over in another language. This again can be any language.

Raw is a term used in the US, where a person watches anime in its original form or unaltered format. This format is not common in the US but is useful when looking on the internet for episodes. If you see the episode you want with (raw) next to it, this means the episode has been aired but is not available in subbed or dubbed yet as that usually takes 24 hours from the original airing to put online.

There is much controversy on wither subbed or dubbed is better, but it really just depends on the viewers preference.

Different genres


Anime is split up into many different genres but the structure goes gender, age, and finally ending with the topic.

There are four anime genres:




and Hentai- young adult and up anime

(we will only be talking about Kodomo, Shojo, and Shounen)

Kodomo is for all genders and is specifically targeted towards kids. These anime usually have some form of educational learning, or a heroin saving the day.

Shojo is what is commonly known as girls anime and is usually for girls 12 and up. There is not as much of a market for it as shounen but it is still popular. These anime usually have girl power in them or cover more female topics most choosing romance.

Shounen is the most popular genre of anime having the largest market and is targeted towards boys. Most shounen anime includes fighting, war, male heroes, and science fiction.

Under these genres are categories covering the overall theme of the anime there are eight:









Action:The action genre is characterized by a lot of movement of the characters. Dialogue is often brief and composed of interjections, battle cries and shouting character names.

Comedy/Slice-of-life:In anime "slice of life" is a genre that often parallels teen melodrama in addition to using slice-of-life narrative techniques. Another common trait in slice-of-life anime and manga is their emphasis on seasonality or procedures.Comedy involves jokes and happy go to pace.


Psychological:The psychological genre usually focuses on the mind of each character. Some sub-genres of this include horror, philosophical and mystery.

History: Set in past time periods such as the settings in Chinese books or Japanese history such as the Warring States period and the Edo period. There are also some that are based in foreign countries, notably France for the young female demographic.

Mecha/Military: Mecha is characterized by the presence of science fiction robots, while the military genre features uniformed military as the main characters.

Supernatural/Magic:Supernatural and magic anime have characters with magical powers ,monsters, or technology that allows a person to have powers.

Romance:The romance genre always involves… love. It comes in many forms, such as the pair that never comes together until the end, the love triangle where two fight over the same person and the love square+ which involves four or more people.