January in the Library

There is a hidden "gem" so scan the whole thing!


Remember how I said you'd never hear the end of it til we were using it more regularly? WHO GOT A NEW MOBILE DEVICE FOR CHRISTMAS? Overdrive works on all kinds of phones and tablets. Why not get NEISD library books and audiobooks for FREE? If you have a SAPL card you have access to two collections.

There are lots of uses for teaching. It pretty much doubles our collection ... we just have to make the effort to USE it!

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This would be fun, right? Share this link with family and friends. It's not a random drawing ... it's whoever gets the MOST ENTRIES. So we need to get our extended community involved if we want to make this happen!

Upcoming Events

Mon. Jan. 11 Ms. Oliverson has a library meeting at Vineyard Ranch and will be leaving by 1:45. The library will have to close to students on passes after that time as Mr. Young is only in the library for 15 minutes on Monday afternoons and he will already be taking care of a class at that time.

Thurs., Jan. 14 and Tues. Jan., 19 - Fri., Jan. 22 3d grade will be completing a research project in the library. This means the library will be busy for most of the day (outside of their specials, lunch, and WIN times). If you've read all the way to this point and send Ms. Oliverson an IM by Jan. 19 that says "May the Force be With You" you'll get a special spirit stick in your box ... for you to keep or give away.

Jan. 29th is the first "club" meeting day. K-2, remember that means the library will be closed that afternoon.

Tues, Feb. 2 and Fri. Feb. 5 Ms. Oliverson will be off campus presenting at TCEA. There will not be a sub available on those days so the library will only be open when Mr. Young is not elsewhere.

Please plan ahead! On Fri., Feb. 26 the library will need to close for bookfair set up from 10:30-1. From 1-3 is the second club meeting day where the library is also closed. BOOKFAIR is Mon., Feb. 29 - Fri., Mar. 4.

Certified Staff Digital Citizenship Eduphoria Course

You have until April 1 to complete this one hour course. Here is the text from the Oct 15 EBD announcement. Here is a link (it was also found in the Dec Tech Committee meeting notes in the Tech folder on staff shared) with helpful directions as actually submitting for credit is the hardest part about the course! The course itself is very much common sense.

For the past five school years, NEISD students have completed digital citizenship lessons designed to engage, inform and provide healthy strategies as they utilize a vast array of digital resources for both instructional and social means. Last May, data from the Clarity BrightBytes survey revealed on 43% of NEISD teachers feel knowledgeable about creating an online presence. Therefore, Executive Staff has approved the creation of a digital citizenship course to be completed by all certified employees. This 60 minute online course will cover the following topics:

  • Professionalism online
  • Personal branding
  • Password creation and security
  • Personal safety
  • Intellectual property

A 20-question online quiz will be administered at the conclusion of the course. Employees who do not earn a minimum score of 70% will be allowed to attempt the quiz again until a passing score is earned. All NEISD certified employees (non-hourly) are expected to complete the Digital Citizenship online course and successfully pass a 20-question quiz by April 1, 2016. Please contact the Help Desk at 356-43567 for assistance with course access if needed.