Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 8 Monday 1st - Friday 5th June 2015

Dates for the Diary

Celebration of Learning - Tuesday 9th June

End of term - Friday 12th June, 12:20 pm dismissal

Next week's virtue of the week is: JOYFULNESS

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Language Arts

Grade 5 are very persuasive writers! The children have drafted persuasive letters to argue which is the world's most useful plant. The work produced has been most convincing. A range of techniques have been utilized such as exaggeration, emotive language, repetition, groups of 3's and rhetorical questions. It has been very difficult to determine who has the strongest argument as opinions have been supported by well researched facts and statistics within carefully structured paragraphs.

Some children have been given the opportunity to write another persuasive letter on a topic of their choosing as others continue publishing this most recent piece of writing. We look forward to sharing our writing with you at our Celebration of Learning next Tuesday.


There have been some very interesting discussions in Grade 5 this week as we continue to think about what we buy, from where and why. Children began the week by sorting products into categories. There were many factors considered such as price, location of manufacture and quality.

The children had many different points of view about why certain things are imported into Singapore and what positive and negatives impacts this had on both a global and local scale. The children all agreed that it is nice to be able to have whatever we want no matter where we are in the world, but we don't really need it. As global citizens we should be encouraged to think not only about what we want but also the impact our choices have on others.

Using our research from home learning, the children have began to produce persuasive leaflets to showcase the resources on offer in their home countries. The children have refreshed their knowledge of Microsoft publisher and are enjoying creating attractive and informative brochures to share with you on Tuesday.


This week the children have been spending time revising the key topics from Grade 5 in preparation for the End of Year test. Most children have showed diligence and responsibility in making sure that they are prepared. They have showed good recall of units studied earlier in the year and have taken ownership in their learning by reflecting on what they need to recap most in revision slots.

Next week the children will be having fun Maths for three days and Wednesday will be their last Maths lesson.

Grade 5 accelerated class will be working on Algebra on Monday and Tuesday.

Grade 5 Production Photos

The Photos for the Production are available to download from the student drive. If you would like copies of these please send in a flash-drive with your child.

Mrs Harvey, our resident photographer, has captured around 400 beautiful shots. If you have memory space you may have all of them, or your child may choose their favorites.

Grade 6 Extended Expedition

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that we have booked our expedition to Telunas Beach Resort, Sigu Island, Indonesia for the next academic year.

This expedition departs on Monday 1st February and returns in time for the end of the school day on Friday 5th February 2016. (School is closed 8th - 12th February.)

Please note that this expedition, for students in the extended programme, runs up to the Chinese New Year holiday period, so please make your travel plans for that week carefully.

We will have more information about this expedition at our Year Ahead meetings at the start of the next academic year.