Thunderstorms <3

By Natalie H. & Viviana A.

How does the Thunderstorm forms??? & What is the greatest danger?

The thunderstorm forms. The thunderstorms stars by a last cloud with wind and heavy rain and it sometimes hail.

The greatest danger to do is:

  • swimming
  • activities
  • open areas like fields

What should you do to keep yourself safe??? & What is wrong to do??

  • Run to a safe building vehicle when you first hear thunder
  • See lighting or observe dark threatening clouds developing overhead.
  • If somebody is hurt CALL 911

What's wrong to do during a thunderstorm is:

  • Stay away from windows
  • Don't touch anything that is metal or electric
  • Get out of the water
  • Remove your backpack

What conditions exist during the storm??& Where/When did the most recent storm that you are researching occur?& What is the damage?? & Any other good facts??

The conditions that exist during a storm is Conditions exist in the atmosphere because of air mass thunderstorm are usually produced in areas of very little vertical shear. The most recent thunderstorm happened in Lakeland, Florida has 100 thunderstorms , It happened on January 21, 2015 at 1:38 a.m at Friday

  • Thunderstorms happen in every state and every thunderstorms have lightning
  • The thunderstorms comes crazy then sometimes it does'nt