Zero-Grav Chip

The Future Is Now

Rodriguez Futuristics: About Us

Here at Rodriguez Futuristics, we work to make the future now. Already we have a new product known as Zero-Grav Chip. This chip is advanced technology. We will go over this product later in the poster. We are working towards other inventions such as the Active-Camo Module and the Shape-Shifter Suit.

How the Zero-Grav Chip Works and Features

The Zero-Grav Chip manipulates gravity. It connects to any type of shoes as long as its sporty. Buy special shoes to get extra content. The Zero-Grav Chip only comes with a button where whenever you press it, the shoes are activated. If you get the special shoes it comes with special glove, motion control, and voice control.

Where to Buy the Zero-Gravity Trip

Zero-Grav Chip costs $80, special shoes cost $70, and buy them together in a package deal of only $140.You can buy these at Futuristics stores around the US, but we may upgrade to all across the globe and different category stores. Our warranty is: if it breaks in the first six months we guarantee we'll replace your product with a new one of whichever product you have, or if you don't like it and don't want a new one we will give you your cash back.