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From the desk of the Superintendent

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Inclement Weather

Many factors go into how the district determines whether or not to delay or close schools, but the primary concern is the safety of our students and staff. In the event of inclement weather, the Superintendent and Transportation Director are monitoring forecasts and communicating with local officials. We are communicating with PennDOT and the district's four bus contractors about travel conditions, and also communicating with area superintendents regarding conditions in their districts.

On the morning of inclement weather, District officials are up, sometimes as early as 3:00 a.m., to travel the roads and get a better understanding of current conditions. Taking into consideration the current conditions and the projected forecast for the day, a decision is made based on the safety of our students (whether they drive, ride the bus, or walk) and staff who must drive to work, some from great distances.

This is one of the most difficult and challenging decisions a district must make, and one that is not taken lightly. We aim to provide ample notice as we recognize delays and cancellations impact schedules.

In the event of a weather delay or cancellation, notice will be given via the following methods:

  • Automated messaging system (for parents of students in the district and WP staff)
  • District Web Site
  • Local TV stations
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

If there is ever a time in which you to do not receive communication regarding a delay or cancellation, but you believe one is possible, please visit our website for confirmation as, barring any major power/internet outages, this will have the most up-to-date information.

Types of delays, dismissals, or closure:

  • Two-Hour Delay: The opening of school will be delayed two hours. All bus schedules will be set back two hours.
  • Three-Hour Delay: The opening of school will be delayed three hours. All bus schedules will be set back three hours.
  • Early Dismissal: School will be dismissed based on the weather and the safety of our students. Please make sure your child knows what to do if you are not at home and school dismisses early.
  • School Closed: School will be closed for the day. Make-up days for weather emergencies have been provided in the school calendar.

West Perry School District Holiday Concerts

The excitement of the Holiday Season is definitely in the air in the West Perry School District. A sure sign of the Holiday Season was getting to see all of the holiday concerts that occurred across the district. It was great to see the hard work that the students and staff had put in over the past few weeks. I would like to congratulate the students and staff on an exceptional job. I especially would like to thank Mr. Wieseman, Mr. Simms, Mrs. Jezewski, Mrs. DiLissio, Mr. Wright, Mrs. McNiven and Mr. Eddy for preparing the students for their successful events! Mustang Proud!

Bus Safety

School bus safety is a high priority in Pennsylvania. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, transportation personnel and the motoring public all play important roles in keeping our children safe while on or around the school bus.

Some of the easiest ways for a student to help a bus driver do their job is to follow the following bus rules:

1. Pupils must be loaded and unloaded only at school loading stations and designated bus stops approved by the school board.

2. Pupils should proceed quickly and in an orderly fashion when boarding/disembarking the bus.

3. Pupils must maintain an acceptable level of noise and refrain from singing, shouting, or cheering so as not to distract the driver. Students shall not use obscene or profane language in or around the school bus. Talking is permitted in a low conversational voice. This allows the driver to hear emergency vehicles or if someone needs help.

4. Pupils must remain seated while the bus is in motion.

5. Pupils must not extend arms or other body parts out of windows.

6. Pupils must not throw objects inside the bus or out the windows.

7. The aisle must be kept clear; books and other belongings should be held by the students, or properly stowed out of the way.

8. Pupils must be on time at bus stop locations at home and school. Plan to be at the bus stop at minimum 5 minutes before the bus arrives. Waiting for one tardy student upsets the schedule for the entire busload. Drivers are not to wait for students who make a habit of arriving late at the stop

9. Pupils must remain in the proper waiting areas at the bus stops and may not play or loiter in roadways when waiting for the bus.

10. Pupils must respect private property. Students may not trespass, loiter, play on or damage private property.

11. Pupils are not permitted to leave the bus except at their regularly assigned stops unless they have written permission from a school administrator. A copy of the approved note must be given to the bus driver.

12. After arriving at school either by school bus or by private transportation, students must remain on school property until dismissed.

13. Pupils may ride only their assigned bus.

14. Pupils may not eat, drink or chew gum on the bus. They must help keep the bus neat and clean.

15. Pupils must follow all instructions issued by the bus driver. No student shall disobey, abuse, or show disrespect for the driver. The driver shall be shown the same respect as a teacher.

Please reinforce the prior rules with your child on a regular basis. Safety is a priority At West Perry School District and it has to be a partnership between the district and the home.

Christmas Break

Reminder that all schools and the District Office will be closed from Monday, December 23rd through Wednesday, January 1st. Regular Schedule resumes on January 2nd.