HCDE Leadership Summit 2015

Our Team Rocks!


A HUGE THANK YOU to each of you for all you have done to pull together to help create the first annual HCDE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT!

My hope for Monday is two-fold:

  • Each one of us gains a new level of awareness regarding the professional learning needs of our greater learning community
  • Every participant walks away from HCDE on Monday afternoon inspired to do great things for children

My prayer this weekend is for any crazy weather to hold off until after all participants and HCDE employees have arrived home safely on Monday evening.

My belief is that each of you will change lives on Monday! You are each tremendously talented and it is honestly such an honor to witness the level of professionalism, passion and commitment on this team!!


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Outline of Monday's Schedule

Please see the outline of the schedule for Monday. This is tentative and subject to small changes. The afternoon should not change but the morning is a flexible schedule.

Don't Forget:

WEAR: BLACK and/or WHITE with or without RED on Monday.

WHEN SHOULD I BE HERE: Please arrive over at the 500s no later than 8:15 on Monday morning to get be best prepared for participants, etc.

FLASHING PINS:I will have your flashing pins laying out ready for you to put on so that everyone will know that you are available to help them in the event that they need assistance. We want our friendliness to stand out!

TAKE PICTURES: Please make sure someone from your small group takes pictures throughout the afternoon,

INFO: I will also have informational folders prepared for you on the table with your name on them. Inside the folders, you will find every type of information I could think you might possibly need to answer questions. I want you to feel most prepared!

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Focus Group Protocol

Most recently revised version of the protocol- WAY TO GO, DAVID!!!

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If you think of ANYTHING at all this weekend, I will be checking my email! Or you can text me on my personal cell phone at 4093700299 anytime. I will be here on Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. if anyone needs me to do anything to make this day easier for them, please let me know. You have each worked so hard to prepare for this and I want it to be a fun day of SUCCESS for us all!!
Click here for David's Tutorial Video

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