Madina Academy Newsletter

October, 2020

School Updates:

Dear Madina Academy,

We are joined by a few new members of staff in recent weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them: Ms. Amal is our middle/high school math teacher. She has a background in engineering. Ms. Amal was with us several years a go. Br Muhammad, also back after a few years, together with Ms. Amena Coon are teaching middle science, and Br. Ibrahim, another great addition to the team is teaching Quran in third and sixth grade. We are also happy to announce Ms. Rasha Abdallah's return in Preschool! Last, but not least, Mr. Dermian is truly a blessing to have as an additional IT person in the building.

Other updates include having minor roof repairs on school building. Please keep in mind, November 12th has been set for our Virtual Open House. There will be an early dismissal that day. Specific timings will follow soon.