OCPL Staffer of the Month

January 2016

Melissa Brown

Digital Media Lab Assistant, Outreach Services

Library staffer since October 2015
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About My Family

I live with my fantastic husband Thomas (he goes by Thom) and our cat (and let’s be honest, the queen of the house), Charlotte.

My husband is finishing his master’s degree in Divinity (M. Div). I finished my Master of Arts in Humanities in December 2015. We are complete geeks and love to play board games, video games, read, watch cooking shows, and have a tradition of watching really great “terrible” movies.
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And My Animal Family

Charlotte, our cat, is named after one of my favorite book characters -- Charlotte Bruce, from Theodore Judson’s book (and one of my top favorites) Fitzpatrick’s War.

She’s a chatterbox and very affectionate. While she loves snuggling, it has to be on her terms. We can’t imagine our lives without her. Hopefully once I’m done with school we’ll be able to adopt another cat from the Humane Society. Until then, it’s all about Charlotte.
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Other Places, Other Times

I’ve lived in six different states. My dad worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and my parents' willingness to transfer to new states allowed him to take on higher positions.

There was always an element of adventure to moving as a kid. I consider Kentucky my home though since I have lived here the last fifteen years of my life.

I have a soft spot for Michigan where I was born and all my extended family lives, but deep down I think the south has adopted me. There’s nothing quite like southern comfort!

Life Before OCPL

Until recently, I was a graduate student at UofL. Prior to pursuing my graduate degree I spent two and a half years working in a children’s museum, where I worked closely with the community.

How I Got Here

I decided to look for a job that I could continue after graduation. I knew that I wanted to stay in a “cultural” organization (museums, libraries, non-profits, etc.). Naturally one of the first places I searched was library positions and discovered the Media Lab Assistant position. I thought it would be a great fit with my previous experience as well as allow me to bring technology and creativity together.

What I Do At The Library

I work as the Digital Media Lab Library Assistant at the Main Library. I get to assist our patrons in learning how to use our cool equipment to develop their own digital media and trouble-shoot any issues they might run into.

I also assist our Outreach staff in creating podcasts, videos, and other digital resources for our patrons. I have the pleasure of combining technology, creativity, and problem solving. It’s the best of both worlds.

Of Course We Have To Include Books!

I spent a lot of time as a kid reading fantasy and mythology and it heavily influenced who I am today and my pursuits in college. I also enjoy a good mystery.

I really enjoy a book or story that makes me think and addresses deep questions: Fitzpatrick’s War, Hounds of the Morrigan, the Mistborn Trilogy, Musashi, ‘Til We Have Faces, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

I think many of these (and more) have contributed to “impacting” me but if I had to choose a particular work that has shaped me (and they all have really) I would have to say it was several selected readings from St. Thomas Aquinas (philosophy). I’m not a philosophy buff but I took a class my first semester of graduate school and his philosophy was, for me, profound.

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I Bet You Didn't Know!

I love to collect turn-of-the-century children’s books (19th/20th century or anything I can find). I’ve been growing a small collection of rare books/ items which includes an early 20th century copy of East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon, one of my favorite fairy tales.

I have other collections too including Japanese medicine vials and a medical book from 1906(?). Oh, and I’m a total sucker for vintage clothes. I validate purchasing them by claiming when I am old I will donate them to a museum.

I'd Just Like To Say...

I know that I talk a LOT (as is evident in my writing). Thanks for putting up with me!
Thanks, Melissa, for all your hard work. We admire your patience and expertise in guiding our patrons through their digital media projects. Your attention to detail and designer's eye applied to editing and curating our library podcasts have made them shine.

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