To Be A Chef

By Rylie Schoemaker

Definition of a Chef

A Chef is basically a professional cook who is the head or chief cook of a restaurant or a hotel

How To Be A Chef

1) to be a chef you have to know how to cook and how to use the appliances

2) you have to be able to work fast and be able to work with sharp objects like knifes

3) you need to be carful and you need to go to culinary school if u want to make good food

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Work Environment for a chef

A typical work environment for a chef is a kitchen or restaurant. Some conditions they have is that they have to be careful when cutting food or using hot appliances.

Where chefs get there education

A chef has to go to culinary school. Chefs have to go to culinary school for two through four can go to a college to get the education to be a chef
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Salary and benefits

The salary of an average chef each year is 48000. The highest level of a chef is an executive chef and they earn 62,630 dollars a year. Some benefits of becoming a chef is you get to do something that you love, also some chefs can work on cruises and get to travel the world.

Background Knowledge you should have

Some background knowledge you will need to be a chef is how to be carful around hot food

Also how you will need to know how to use sharp appliances some personal values of being a chef is if you like to cook or bake you are doing it because you love what you are will also Learn how to become a better chef and you can learn to cook anything.